Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Headset

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Forget tangled earphones. With these Wireless Bluetooth Earphones, you don't need to worry about getting your earphones knotted!

Pristine Sound Quality
The sound quality of these Bluetooth earphones is excellent, offering clear, crisp audio playback for your music, calls, and media. Plus, with enhanced functionality using the buttons, you can play, pause, answer calls, and more.

These wireless earphones also have a comfortable fit when worn. They hook around the back of your neck comfortably, maintaining their position as you exercise, watch your phone, commute, and more.

Finished with a convenient magnetic "snap" connection between the individual earpieces, you can enjoy listening to all of your favorite music and managing your incoming calls while commuting with these innovative wireless earphones.

āœ” Wireless Bluetooth design
āœ” Functional button features
āœ” Magnetic housing
āœ” Manage calls from your device
āœ” Excellent sound quality
āœ” Comfortable fit
āœ” Useful for entertainment, exercising, etc.

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