Ultraviolet Mosquito Bug Trap Killer Fruit Fly Gnat Fan

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You're enjoying your summer nights camping outdoors or sitting at home, only to be interrupted by the constant buzzing and biting of mosquitoes or gnats ETC. Thankfully, this Mosquito Trap is an efficient solution to help you enjoy your summer without complaint.

Ultraviolet Design
With its ultraviolet design as a way of attracting the mosquitoes in the vicinity, this mosquito trapper then sucks the bugs in, traps them, and kills them - all in a silent way. Instead of zapping mosquitoes like traditional ones, this is a much more pleasant design, allowing you to continue your night with zero interruptions.

Easy To Clean
Once this ultraviolet mosquito trap fills with dead bugs, you simply need to empty the base of it, clean it out and put it back for the next use. It has zero radiation, no chemicals, no noise, it's non-toxic, and it's completely safe for your health.

You can use this mosquito trap anywhere you want with its portable design, such as outdoor camping, on the balcony, inside your house, and more.

- Ultraviolet design
- Silent operation
- Traps mosquitoes, gnats, fruit flys, most flying insects
- Portable, travel-friendly style
- Easy to clean

vortex fan

quiet operation

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