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Keeping on track with your fitness goals could'nt be easier using the Best Fitness Tracker under $20!

āœ” All-Day Tracking
This Fitness Tracker features all-day activity tracking capabilities. It can track your daily steps, calories, distance moved, calories burned, and more. It also features a sleep monitoring function to help you improve your sleep quality.

āœ” Push Notifications
Enjoy seeing calls and message notifications at your wrist without needing to look at your phone. These also include calendar and social alerts from Facebook and Instagram. You won't ever miss those important messages, wherever you are.

āœ” Improve Fitness
The Fitness Tracker is designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can track your real-time heart-rate automatically, and the device features 14 unique sports modes to adapt to particular lifestyles and needs.

āœ” Comfortable
With its comfortable and adjustable wrist band and the large OLED screen, using the Fitness Tracker is effortless. You can customize it according to your likes/dislikes and easily charge it with the provided USB plug.

āœ” Track daily steps + calories
āœ” All-day activity tracking
āœ” Connected GPS
āœ” See calls & messages
āœ” Easy charging with USB plug
āœ” Record distance + heart rate
āœ” Monitor sleep quality
āœ” Map sports routes in the app
āœ” OLED screen with 4 custom clock faces
āœ” Comfortable + stylish
āœ” Adjustable wrist strap
āœ” Supports Android 4.4+, iOS 7.1+
āœ” 14 sports modes for different needs

sleep monitoring

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