Non Slip Rug Carpet Grippers 4 Pack

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Prevent your rugs from sliding around with these super convenient Rug Grippers - perfect for the uncoordinated people in your house, the elderly, and pets.

Anti-Slip Grip
These rug grippers feature a high-quality PU gel material that grips your rug and the floor securely, holding it in place when someone steps on it. They are easily applied with a peel + paste design. Then, stick them to the underside of your rug, press firmly, and voila! Within 30 seconds, you've made your rugs safer.

The best part about these rug grippers is that you can reuse them thanks to their non-residual design. You can clean them using water, then air dry them, and their adhesiveness is restored just like new.

The rug grips can be used in a variety of situations - both outdoors and indoors - including for the balcony, front door, and vehicles. They are also applicable to many surfaces like tiles, hardwood, concrete, and marble.

āœ” Includes 4 rug grippers
āœ” Anti-slip grips with a tough thickness
āœ” Reusable design made of quality PU gel
āœ” Easy to apply with peel + paste application
āœ” Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
āœ” Use it for balconies, front doors, vehicles, etc.

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