Foaming Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Clean your hands effectively and efficiently with the Foaming Soap Dispenser - a convenient, hassle-free design made for an effortless hand-washing experience.

TouchLess Hands-Free
The sensor on this Foaming Soap Dispenser means you don't need to press on it to dispense the soap. Simply place your hands near the sensor, and it will dispense some into your hands!

Foaming Lather
The foaming texture of this soap makes it easy to create a lather on your hands. This can help improve sterilization significantly, therefore preventing the spread of disease and bacteria.

Quality Construction
This soap dispenser is made of tough ABS and PC material with a small, lightweight design that requires minimal space. You can set it near any sink and use it as a more convenient method for hand-washing. It is also leak-proof with its bubble outlet and has a 350mL capacity.

āœ” Hands-free design
āœ” Leak-proof with bubble outlet
āœ” Internal battery port
āœ” Small, lightweight design (less space used)
āœ” Easy to use for hassle-free hand-washing
āœ” Tough ABS + PC construction
āœ” 350 ML liquid soap capacity


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