Bug Zapper Lantern

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Enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bug bites or applying chemical repellants with the 220 Volt Deluxe Bug Zapper. This powerful, plug-in bug zapper gets rid of any flying insect before they get a chance to get you. Using a three-part defense system and sophisticated dusk-to-dawn sensor, this electric bug zapper works effortlessly to help make pesky mosquitos, biting flies, wasps and moths non-existent from your yard. With UV attraction and circuit board technology, a 40 watt LED black light helps draw insects into the 220 Volt electrical grid and eliminates them on contact.

A specialized, clip-on Octenol lure also provides double-duty attraction power so that mosquitos and biting bugs don't stand a chance against this extra-effective, electric insect zapper. To help bring you more confidence and peace of mind, an adjustable, dusk-to-dawn sensor helps meet the needs of a quickly changing environment, while a durable safety guard helps prevent children, pets and wildlife from contacting the charged grids. It's safe. It's easy. And it's energy efficient. Take back your home from annoying insects and zap your bug problems away, 24 hours a day. This Deluxe Bug Zapper is your gatekeeper to enjoying your backyard and patio bug free.

Plug-in bug zapper helps keep flying insects away
Protects yards and patios up to 20 meters in size
Effective against mosquitos, flies, wasps, moths and more
UV-LED black light attracts wide range of insects
Outer safety guard protects children, pets and wildlife
Intended for outdoor use only
Attracts and eliminates 40% more insects
Provides 20% more bulb life
Uses 30% less energy
Includes attached metal hoop for easy storage
Dusk to Dawn sensor switch adjusts to your environment
Includes Black Flag Mosquito Octenol Lure with universal fit clip
Octenol lure operates on 30-day continuous release
2 operation settings: 24-hour or Dusk to Dawn operation
Bulb wattage: 3 watts
Grid Voltage: 220 Volts
Refills and replacement bulbs sold separately

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