10 Pack Antibacterial Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets

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Is your washing machine starting to look aged, dirty, and smelly? These Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets are a helpful way to get your washing machine looking brand-new again.

Deep Cleaning
These cleaning tablets for washing machines use active oxygen decontamination to remove dirt and odor-causing residue, dissolve oily substances, and to eliminate strange odors. It deeply cleans, sterilizes, and disinfects with no harm to your washing machine.

Easy To Use
There's no need to get inside the washing machine with a scrubber. Simply use one of these washing machine cleaning tablets in the drum, turn on the wash cycle, and enjoy the radiant results.

These cleaning tablets are suitable for all brands of washing machines, including top loaders and front loaders. They are safe, reliable, and an efficient way to professionally clean your machine for fresher clothes.

- Includes 10 tablets
- Active oxygen decontamination
- Deep cleaning, sterilizing, & disinfecting
- Eliminates strange odors
- Safe and reliable results
- Suitable for all brands of washing machines
- Removes dirt & odor-causing residue
- Dissolves oily substances

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