iPhone Magnetic Back Phone Case

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This ultra-thin Magnetic iPhone Case is exceptionally practical, particularly for those who enjoy using magnetic accessories. It comes in various colors to suit your style.

Slim & Functional
While it is slim, this Magnetic iPhone Case has great functionality with its magnetic suction plate, allowing you to place it over magnet accessories, such as a car phone holder. Its practical design is enhanced with the convenient port openings and lightweight.

Unique Protective Design
With a soft TPU layer, high-quality fiber lining, and a raised 0.2mm lens area, your expensive iPhone is kept protected from scratches and bumps that would otherwise occur without it.

Micro Frosting
The surface of this Magnet Back iPhone Case is micro-frosted to help prevent fingerprints and oil stains, helping your phone maintain that stylish, clean, and professional look at all times.

āœ” Ultra-thin design
āœ” Various color choices
āœ” Magnetic suction for phone accessories
āœ” Soft TPU layer & high-quality fiber lining
āœ” Protects from scratches, bumps
āœ” Raised 0.2mm lens protection
āœ” Micro-frosted surface to reduce fingerprints, oil stains, etc.

magnetic back

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