High Pressure Shower Head Filter

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Remove Chlorine & Hard Water With The First Ever Ionic Filtration Shower Head!

Thanks to its Award Winning design with special mineral balls, it softens and purifies your water, makes your skin and hair smoother and softer. It dramatically improves the condition of your family's skin, hair and nails.

Remove impurities from your water and enjoy a cleaner, healthier shower experience with the SaveSummit Shower Head Filter. The 3 stage filtration system is a mineral mixture featuring anion, ceramic and infrared mineral balls to reduce free chlorine and soften hard water from your shower. Negative Ion Technology softens and purifies shower water to eliminate dry, flaky skin. Make your skin and hair smoother and softer.


Our Shower Head Filter is equipped with 180 tiny laser-cut water holes, resulting in luxurious high pressure water while still looking after the environment by saving as much as 35% water. And Increases water speed up to 200%. Laser perforated technology feature with a flow rate of 6.7-6.8L/minute at 0.25Mpa. Saving the environment, while saving money at the same time.

The filtered shower head saves 30% more water than a standard shower head. Increases water speed up to 200%. Solid and Durable design.

Installs In Seconds

how to install

Fits any standard size hose. Without tools and a handyman, allows you to install the filtered shower head as easily and freely as screwing in a bulb by yourself. The longer end of the hose is suppose to connect with the shower head and the shorter end is suppose to connect with the arm mount.


  • 3 stage mineral filtration
  • 3 spray modes - Jetting /  rainfall / massage
  • Removes heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria and more
  • Connection Standard: G1/2" Hose(optional): 1.5m stainless steel, copper core Mount(optional)
  • Easy to install
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning

ionic shower head filter front and back view

disassembled ionic shower head filter

 ionic shower filter in use

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